About Kyle

Just a regular guy born in Texas to parents who migrated from Kansas. I became mystified by printed graphics at an early age. How do they do it? Magic? I experimented with Kid Pix at the time but couldn’t find the answers.

I’m a graphic designer with a passion for life. I’ve trained at a school that emphasizes theory over technique. I’m an excellent draftsman and creative problem solver. I have the ability to type quickly (50 WPM). I’m desperate to work with other artists and designers, particularly those with years of experience that can show me a thing or two.

Years later I inherited a copy of Photoshop CS1 from a print shop where I worked as a delivery driver. Professional software and access to color printing equipment–finally I’ll be able to pull back the curtain on the magical world of print graphics, I thought. Didn’t happen. So, I looked toward academia. After some frustrating courses at the community college level, I transferred to a university and figured it out. These days, I have the knowledge, tools, technique and passion to create graphics of any kind.